July 2, 2014

Born a Bad Seed - You Slay Me

Oh hey, here I am. Refreshed hair color and a badass screen print tee courtesy of Born a Bad Seed.

April 5, 2014

Down, But Not Out + DessertNaps Instagram

Moving around some domain stuff in the coming week. Don't be surprised if the blog is down for a day or so. Hopefully it'll be a seamless transition, but ya never know. And the site is going to look so fresh and clean with a new graphic that the boo is designing. HI BOO.

But hey, Instagram is usually always up. Don't forget to follow me. DessertNaps @ Instagram

Follow me as I buy stuff, eat stuff and whine about stuff.




March 26, 2014

Koa Wood Rings - ALTIN Place

I'm not a diamond girl. When people say, "DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND!!!" I'm the girl looking around the room being all, "Who, me? You must me mistaken. Please direct me to the ripped tee's and equally trashy accessories."

You won't see a lot of glitz or glam where I'm concerned. However, there's something so amazing about minimalistic jewelry. A lot like purses, I'm willing to shell out more time looking and more money in the long run if good quality investment pieces are the end game.

That's where these super slick koa wood rings come in. I'm pretty sure these babies would last through the apocalypse. They're androgynous, and yes, even my boyfriend begrudgingly agreed with me that they'd make badass wedding rings. (He was excited about the cool rings, but decidedly less excited about the prospect of marriage.)

I chose the ring with the widest amount of wooden inlay. I love the idea of mixing the industrial with the natural, and titanium and wood go together beautiful. I photographed it against my Zelda 25th anniversary book. Metal and wood? Seems like something good 'ol Link could appreciate.

The ring arrived in a velvet clamshell box inside of a badass little box with a metallic print of Hawaii on it. Talk about a slick presentation.




Here's to an extremely rad piece of artwork.

Check out the Wide Koa Wood Ring at Altin Place.

March 17, 2014

The Cosmic Circle Remade Dress








So in love with this remade dress from The Cosmic Circle on Etsy. Is it wrong I almost didn't want to share the link because I want all of their badass remade goodies for myself? But I've gotta sing the praises of an amazing shopping experience- from the communication to the packaging (complete with a page from a vintage children's book) to the product itself. Thank you to the rad ladies of The Cosmic Circle!

[dress: The Cosmic Circle, boots: H&M]

March 16, 2014

Oh, Cool, It's Image Compression

Guys, I'm not all that tech-savvy. I mean, sure I can operate an iPhone or fool around in Photoshop to some degree. But for the life of me, I couldn't understand why my images were looking so grainy on my blog. They looked great in Photoshop and equally lovely when I uploaded them to Flickr. Turns out, I was somehow slapping compressed versions of my images on my blog. Yikes. How embarrassing.

Thanks to my fella for helping me out and showing me the right way of doing things. Going forward, the image quality should be a lot better. I might end up going back and reuploading old images- but hey, that would take time and a little something I call work ethic. Good luck with that.


February 17, 2014

Sammy Dress 'n Street Fashion

I remember the first time I discovered Asian street fashion. Oddly enough, it wasn't in a magazine (you know, when magazines were actually a source of fashion inspiration) or on a website. Barnes and Noble had a Fruits book with incredible snapshots of kids on the iconic streets of Tokyo. Kids who were just hanging out, being badass, adorable or wacky. So, naturally, I was stoked to grab some cute threads from Sammy Dress last week. Scrolling through their website reminds me of the first time I found that fashion book. There's something about Asian street fashion that's completely fearless. I don't hesitate when throwing outfits together. Mixing colors, patterns and whimsical phrases- anything goes.

Thanks for amping up my creativity again, Sammy Dress. If you feel like you're in a fashion rut, just page through the site. Even the product and lifestyle shots are like a shot of sugar to your fashion blood. Fashion blood. Now there's a phrase.

And who could resist a hoodie stamped with the demand Stop Killing Whale on it?







[traveller sweater and stop killing whale hoodie: Sammy Dress, skirt: UNIF]

February 14, 2014

The Anti-Valentine's Day Brigade

I don't hate Valentine's Day. There, I said it. My inner anti-conformist is so disappointed.

But I hate feeling obligated to make it special to strangers. It's a lot like New Year's Eve. I'd rather spend it with people I like rather than making a ridiculous ordeal out of a couple of hours. It's also super weird when strangers ask me, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR VALENTINE'S DAY? ARE YOU SINGLE? WHAT IS YOUR BLOOD TYPE? TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CHILDHOOD."

Okay, it doesn't really pan out like that, but sometimes, I wish people would ask me what I'm doing for Arbor Day or National Sandwich Day. Man, I love sandwiches.

The Butcher Boys tee was a lucky vintage find. It felt very appropriate for stupid Cupid day.




[tee: vintage]

February 3, 2014

Solestruck Black Milk All I Want for Xmas

Right before Christmas, I entered the Solestruck x Black Milk All I want for Xmas contest. Who knew that my love for all things George Costanza would pay off? I found out I won when my phone kept flashing Instagram notifications with congrats from fellow shoe addicts.

Thank you so freaking much, Solestruck. You get me, you really get me! I will be a forever-shoe-addict with one hand obsessively pawing at the screen while the other hand types in my credit card number because yes, I already have it memorized to expedite checkout. DON'T JUDGE ME.

I really stand behind Solestruck. They're everything a successful company should be. Badass products and insanely amazing, personable customer service all topped with a wacky sense of humor. Obligatory fist pump partnered with a raise the roof dance. Both things I could never get away with doing in real life, but virtually, you got it.







[shoes: Solestruck x Black Milk collab, top: Black Milk, beanie: Petals & Peacocks, jacket, skirt and socks: UNIF]

January 15, 2014

Teddy Bear Hoodie

Can we talk about bears and hoodies and super soft blanket-like things? Because I've gotta show off the cure to the Wisconsin-Winter-Blues. (So powerful that it's worthy of initial caps) All I want to do is curl up in this hoodie, drink tea and play video games.

Rose Wholesale sent me this amazing sherpa-inspired teddy bear hoodie. I mean, it's so freaking cute that even my pseudo tough girl exterior melted. It has a tail, you guys. A TAIL.





Click on over Rose Wholesale if you need a lil shot of sunshine. And yes, let's make this bear hoodie thing happen. The world needs more blanket and adorable animal pairings, right?

[sherpa bear hoodie: Rose Wholesale]

[Thanks Amanda!]

January 5, 2014

Petals and Peacocks - Yo, let's chill out

With tomorrow's forecast settling at a balmy -11°F, it's time to burrow. So grab your favorite beat-up tee and throw on a faux fur coat. You're ready to rock, roll and hide from the cold.




[tee: Petals and Peacocks, faux fur coat: Asos]