February 27, 2010

Spring Inspiration - Ambra Bolin

When light and dark collide.

[Source: tfs]

February 26, 2010

Christian Siriano for Payless

I popped into Payless the other day and realized that the new Christian Siriano collection for Payless was released.

I've got to admit that I'm not as impressed with this year's collection. Last year had some... dare I say- FIERCE textures and designs. This year's collection seems too safe. I imagine a more conservative collection will be friendlier to a larger demographic, but it's a little bit boring.

However, the quality of the collection, not including the bags, is pretty decent. The heels feel solid and smooth, and most importantly-- stable.

Here are a few looks I pulled from Payless.

[Sources: Payless]

February 25, 2010

Recent finds

February 24, 2010

Perfection Selection

Self Portrait.

Flawless hair and makeup.

Acid wash. I've been obsessed with finding a denim hobo to bleach.

When gold shoes go formal. Nike has been releasing some extremely refined metallic sneakers lately. Who would have thought?

I've found that this look can be achieved with a simple fur wrap or a cropped fur shrug over a fitted leather jacket.

[Sources: Me, Olsens Anonymous, tfs?]

Alexander Wang Hanne Boots

Only a handful of posts so far and already two have been dedicated to Alexander Wang.

Behold, the Hanne boot.

And my pair, thanks to Jeffrey Campbell.

They're fairly comfortable, considering the heel height is 4" and the platform is 1". I can't wait until it's warm enough out so I can walk around in them without worrying about slipping on the ice.

Grab your own pair here: Solestruck

February 23, 2010

Alexander Wang F/W 2010

While I can't say I cared very much for the velvet dominated designs in Alexander Wang's F/W 2010 collection, I can admit to loving the hair and makeup.
Texturized slightly greasy matted hair that screams, 'I've been places' -- plus cranberry and dirty rose gold eyeshadows supporting my theory that grunge and glam can work together.

Source: tfs

February 18, 2010

Pick Me Up

Since I've been feeling under the weather thanks to this cold, my mom offered to buy me a small surprise from any store online.

I picked out a few items from Forever 21.

Because I can never have too many black shirts. The sequins push the tacky appeal, but it's just enough flash and simplicity for me.

Thanks to my fella, I've become more prone to buying items based on whether I like the type used. In this case-- I do.

Because spring means pink and purple and peplum skirts.

Not necessarily for this outfit, but a braided belt will add more structure to my oversized tees and tunics.

Thanks Mom!

Source: Forever 21

Intro: [The Little Things]

New York Fashion Week has made me realize how very far away I am from high fashion. The runway shows, the glamour, the paparazzi-- all of the beautifully ridiculous celebrations and catastrophes feel unreal.

Living in Milwaukee certainly isn't the worst place when it comes to fashion. There are little glimmers of creativity and style hidden in the city in the shape of thrift stores, boutiques, and even fashion co-op's.

I'm not completely without access to stylish clothing. The local malls host stores like Forever 21 and H&M, both of which contain high fashion inspired clothing at extremely reasonable prices. Sure, the quality is sacrificed, but each customer gets what he or she pays for.

But getting back to my original point, living in Milwaukee has helped me appreciate the little things. The pockets of vogue I can own without risking an overdraft fee from my shriveled bank account.

Chanel's Jade Polish-- going for $200 on Ebay.

My compromise-- China Glaze's 'For Audrey' for $3.99. Granted it's a little more robin's egg blue, but it still looks fresh and resonates with the same pastel spring essence as the Chanel version.

Since I've been frequenting many of the thrift stores and consignment shops in Milwaukee, I plan to write reviews, guides, and recommendations. My shopping addiction has got to prove to be useful sometime, right?