March 31, 2010

Vintage Dress

I was in a hurry to get ready to go out this morning and managed to get out of the door in less than hour after showering plus hair and makeup. Not too bad for someone fairly high maintenance.

With the weather getting warmer, it was finally time for me to wear out this beautiful vintage dress that I picked up at Luv Unlimited in Bay View. The dress looks a little bunchy in the second photo, and I spent a good ten minutes thinking about whether I should take the picture off. But I really like the detail in the photo, and I think the other shots show it off well enough. (End paranoia)

Thank you to Kat, my sister, who has the patience and dedication to take photographs for me. <3

[dress: vintage, boots: GoJane]

March 30, 2010


Today I met with Arika, aka- the brains and talent behind Fashion Ninja, for pizza and business.

I think we're both equally excited to be beginning this venture, and it's about darn time fate threw us together. Milwaukee is a fairly small fashion market, so with the two of us collaborating, I think we'll be running this town in no time.

A lot of fashion bloggers team up with big companies, and while I'm sure the perks are cool, I feel like that personal connection weakens. Businesses, in general, view bloggers as glorified billboards.

There are exceptions to the rule; it's true that the give a little-get a little exchange can exist between individual fashion bloggers and larger companies in a balanced and personal manner, but the alliance shared between a fashion blogger and a local fashion house is something that promotes a strong coexistence.

I'd much rather sit down with a designer and exchange ideas than wave a banner ad on my page. I can't say that I'm not someday open to the idea of maybe sporting a TopShop ad on my blog, but I feel so much more involved when tangibility and physical participation comes into play.

Arika is releasing her Spring 2010 collection in segments, sending each design out into the world as soon as the last stitch is sewn.

Using some behind the scenes footage, I created a sneak peak video of two of her pieces, the Topenga Dress and the Reversible ZigZag dress.

Arika added a lot of beautiful spring pieces to her Etsy page. So if you like billowy, yet structured pieces, check out the shop!

March 29, 2010

Spring Silhouette

When thinking about my one of my favorite trends for Spring 2010, I came across Shopbop's lookbook feature. One of the most prominent trends for this season is the slouchy silhouette.

Think of loose, draped tops paired with straight and structured bottoms, like pencil skirts and well tailored trousers. Even a more figure conscious bubble skirt compliments a billowy shirt. The pairing works as long as the shapes of the pieces contrast- form-fitting versus slouchy.

Another element incorporated into the trend is the heavy wedge. The great thing about this piece is that it can come in any variety of colors, like a nudes or neons. Like the structured bottom, the wedge compliments the light, romantic quality of the top.

The slouchy silhouette encourages creative pairings as well as innovative methods of consciously piecing items together. Getting physically involved by tucking, rolling, and twisting fabrics are all techniques that come into play with this trend.

[Sources: Shopbop]

March 28, 2010

Leigh Lezark

Living life in high contrast.

March 27, 2010

The Perfect Pair of Skinny Jeans - Celebrity Pink

Anyone who knows me in real life is aware that I am addicted to skinny jeans. I haven't worn a pair of bootcut, flared, or boyfriend style jeans in years, save for pajama pants that never see the outside of a house.

Through this admiration for formfitting pants, I've come to acquire a very specific taste in skinny jeans.

A few requirements:

1. Material:
The jeans have a bit of stretch to them. 3% spandex and 97% cotton are the magic percentages. If the jeans have too much stretch, they'll sag, giving the appearance of the dreaded diaper butt. Believe me, no one wants that.

Some jeans are deceptive; they'll look great in the fitting room, but after a few hours of wear, the sleek shape will give way to an unflattering slouch. There's really no way to predict this unless it's a trusted brand with good quality denim.

2. Fit (Rise and Length):
Two things to consider here-- rise and length. I formerly was a fan of low rise jeans, but this doesn't make much sense with skinny jeans. A higher rise will elongate legs and also keep the pants in place. If the rise is too low, there's a greater risk of goodies peaking out when bending down or sitting, and that's never an area that should be shown off, regardless of how cute someone's underwear is. I'm talking to you, thong ladies!

I go for a rise that sits a about two inches from my bellybutton. This allows me the versatility of tucking in my shirts or even wearing cropped tops that skim the waist of my jeans.

The length of the jeans determines the style of footwear. In the winter, it's better to select jeans that are longer, since the footwear of the season tends to be boots. Nothing is more annoying than attempting to tuck in pants and having them pop out, revealing that awkward inch of ankle. This look can work well if it's styled properly with the right socks or shoes, but it's not sensible for sloppy weather.

Shorter skinny jeans flatter shoes with ankle straps or pointy toed heels, so they're a much better option in the warmer months.

It's a fine line to tread because skinny jeans that are too long will make someone look slouchy and sloppy, so be wary of the length, and find a good compromise for your height.

3. Wash:
Skinny jeans always look best in a dark wash. Since they run the risk of making people look shorter or even triangle shaped, it's a good idea to avoid any chance of making someone's bottom half look larger. Hips tend to look bigger when contrasted with the super tight calf and ankle area thanks to the shape of the pants. Darker washes provide a sleeker illusion.

Avoid whiskering around the hip area, and this really goes for any sort of jeans. I don't know why this became a trend, but whiskers are like huge neon arrows pointing to the hip area stating: LOOK HERE. CHECK OUT THIS HIGHLIGHTED PART OF MY BODY!

I've tried a lot of brands, and normally, I'd say my go-to brand would be Tripp NYC from Hot Topic. At $40 a pair, the jeans are good quality, fantastic fit, and come in a variety of washes.

Unfortunately, the brand has changed. The sizing has completely warped, and every size seems to have gotten smaller. The materials have also gotten cheaper in the past year, which is really unfortunate because I've had the same two pairs for over three years, and they've stood the test of time. Now the pants are stiff and attract lint, which proves to be a hassle when wearing dark washes.

There is good news. Celebrity Pink, a brand of denim, offers fantastic jeans at seriously cheap prices. I hunted down a pair from for under $25. The brand runs true to size. The jeans run a bit long, but the hem can be tucked under without looking goofy or bunchy. The denim washes beautifully and feels very comfortable.

I've tried higher end denim, like J Brand and Diesel, but I can safely say, for $25 a pair, Celebrity Pink feels and looks just as good.

As always, good denim is worth the wait, so don't be afraid to take a few pairs for a test drive by dancing around in the fitting room.

March 26, 2010

Bedhead Hair, Harem Pants, and Leather Leggings

What I'm digging right now...

As usual, messy bedhead hair in all of its wispy, toussled perfection.

Two types of pants.

1. Low crotch harem pants. I'm completely tempted to indulge in this trend since the pants look so unbelievably comfortable, especially for summer, and especially since the only sort of pants I wear now are mad tight.
-Also admiring texturized knitwear when paired with harem pants.

2. Leather leggings. I can't say these are realistic, but they look crazy sleek with any sort of footwear.

[Sources: Le Fashion, Studded Hearts]

March 25, 2010

March 24, 2010

Studded Blazer

Today I dug out some old pink boots from Payless and cleaned them up. I really need to hunt down some new jeans since I only have one pair with me now.

[studded blazer: Forever 21, white tank: Wet Seal, denim leggings: Hot Topic, Betseyville clutch: TJ Maxx, hot pink space boots: Payless]

March 23, 2010

Feline Sunglasses

Feline Sunglasses-- take two!

[grey contrast shirt: Forever 21, denim leggings: Hot Topic, feline shades: Nasty Gal, leopard ballet flats: Target, blush handbag: Aldo]

March 22, 2010

Sunlight Photography

Sorry for the meager updates during the past few days. I've been feeling really under the weather, but I think a few nights of good sleep will prove to be the right remedy.

I received my feline sunnies from Nasty Gal and am truly impressed with the shape and quality.

It hasn't been this bright out in a while, so I'll have to reacquaint myself with outfit photography in the sun!

I don't know what inspired my obsession with caramel colored hair as of late, but I can't stop collecting photos showcasing the shade.

[sweater, white tank: H&M, denim leggings: Hot Topic, cross pendant: thrifted, feline shades: Nasty Gal]

[Sources: Altamira]

March 21, 2010

Hair on Olive Skin

Blonde done right.

I posted a whole slew of photos the other week showcasing beautiful blonde hair. I finally found an example of a shade of blonde [granted, a very dark shade bordering on light brown] that would work well with olive skin tones. [Aka-- my skin tone]

It's a dark golden caramel color- still classy and refined with a little bit of edge.

[Source: The Cobra Snake]

March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring, and here, in Milwaukee, it's snowing.

This spring is making me crave:
-Orange red matte lips.
-Slouchy white or neutral rocker tees.
-Long, loose, and texturized hair.

NARS lipstick in Heat Wave
Asos Wildfox Big Pink Heart T Shirt
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray

March 19, 2010

Guns 'N Roses / Ion 3-Step Emergency Hair Repair Kit

I planned on sticking with the three photo format, but I decided to play around a bit today when editing.

Today presented me with a few disappointments-- one of my Jeffrey Campbell boots decided to come unglued/unstitched even though I just bought them and wore them for less than two hours. There's also a sizable chunk missing out of one of the toes. I don't think they arrived damaged, but maybe they were on the brink of breaking. It's really disheartening, especially since I paid so much for them.

I'm going to hunt down a cobbler and have them fixed.

Last night I deep conditioned my hair with Ion 3-Step Emergency Hair Repair Kit and was a little disappointed with the results.

The product has gotten rave reviews, and for $8 a pack, it's not that much of a splurge. I've used other Ion deep conditioners and have had really fantastic results, so I'm thinking I just need to let the conditioner soak in for a longer amount of time. It's definitely time for me to get a trim to chop off all of the split ends. This is what happens when you're a hair dye/flat iron addict!

[guns 'n roses tee: boyfriend's, skirt, necklace, and knit headband: Forever 21, shoes: Wet Seal, clutch: thrifted]

March 18, 2010

Photo Presentation

I'm a bit torn as to how I should keep formatting my photos. I really like the compact design when I put three photos in a series together as one image. The width limitations of my blog make it more difficult to post an image any larger than 700 pixels.

Since outfit/styling photos are such a huge part of my blog and any fashion blog in general, I want everything to look seamless. So I edited these photos in the same way-- both showcasing a series of three photos.

Do you guys like this format? Or would you prefer larger and individual photos? If I split the photos up, they would each be a lot bigger with more detail. Let me know what you guys think!

Also, I'm still working on 'watermarking' my photos. I don't really have any issues with people reposting them or using them as examples and such, but I guess I'd rather not have any fakes or anything fishy going on. So there will be a lot of experimentation happening!

Also, I have a phone interview tomorrow for a job, and I feel a tad unprepared. I promise I will catch up on my blog reading after.

[t-shirt dress and grey thigh highs: American Apparel, grey jersey cape: Charlotte Russe, turquoise cross: thrifted]

March 17, 2010

Curls Curls Curls

Not only is my hair long enough to pull up, but it's also long enough to support curls.

Nothing says spring like curls, right?

On a whim, I bought a three pack of curling irons at Target. They're pretty cheap, but they do the trick, and I'm totally happy with my purchase.

There's something about curls that makes me want to wear less makeup and dress myself in pastels and breezy fabrics. Spring clothing literally makes me feel lighter. I'm not sporting three or four layers of clothing, and while I admit I prefer to dress in layers, I'm think I'm ready for a change.

Dark neutrals will always be my staple, especially that beautiful blue grey color I'm completely addicted to. But there's nothing wrong with mixing cream and brown or cream and black together.

[cream top and sequin leggings: H&M, lace bra: Forever 21, heels: Alice + Olivia for Payless]

March 15, 2010

Style Matters

The other day, one of my guy friends commented on a post of mine- specifically the Alexander Wang post. He asked me why I was making such 'a big deal about oversized T-shirts when I could just go to Wal-Mart and grab a pack of Hanes.'

My first instinct was to reply with a typical, 'You just don't get it. It's fashion.' Let's be honest, that response not only sounds pathetic, but it never has an impact as a valid argument.

What really is the difference between a Hanes pack of t-shirts and an Alexander Wang piece? The most obvious element is the price. While cost is not always accurately correlated with quality, in this case, it reflects the workmanship of the garment.

Clothing is a lot like cars. It is utilitarian. It serves a purpose- to protect our bodies from the environment. We can choose to buy clothing for this single purpose, or else we can select pieces that create a statement. Cars are the same way. They are utilitarian piece; they take us from Point A to Point B. So why care about the color of the car? Or how we decorate the interior? Why bother with the engine and the fancy mechanical aspects that do not offer more than superficial differences? Some changes to a car do not affect the car's performance, yet people believe they are important modifications.

Style matters. We all associate some element of our lives with how we appear to the world as well as how we feel about ourselves.

Alexander Wang pieces cost more because they are made from better material and require more money to not only manufacture, but design. This is what many people forget. Behind a polished piece, a thought process exists.

There are so many subtle elements of an item of clothing that dictate whether it is interesting and fashionable-- consider the delicate draping, the perfect seaming and finishing, or the precision cut and fit.

The attention to and recognition of these features is what truly makes a fashionable individual stand apart from a person who accepts whatever is in front of them without craving something better.

It is true we can't all afford highly designed pieces. But the important thing is that we remain aware of our options and appreciate fine craftsmanship and intriguing details and the possibility of fashion.

Bunny Ears

As I was falling asleep last night I realized I completely forgot to make a daily post!

To make up for that, here are some bunny ears I picked up at Target.

March 13, 2010

Blonde Hair

What is it with my fascination with blondes lately? I think it's the appeal of bright red lipstick, rocker babe clothes, and the delicate spun gold of bed head hair.

Blondes in mixes of dark and light neutrals cannot help but look effortlessly bold.

I feel like the last picture accurately represents how I portray myself in public-- a hot mess on a mission.

[Sources: Livejournal communities]