March 12, 2010

Alexander Wang

I know Alexander Wang has been blogged to death already, but I can't help it. Out of nowhere, he earned the title of my favorite designer, hands down. His pieces are androgynous and simple, yet sexy and effortless. His moody color palette of greys, blacks, and blues mirrors my own go-to colors.

Some of his past work from both spring and fall.

A midnight search on Google presented me with the super secretest [sorry, can't help myself] of all sales. T by Alexander Wang was hosting a mini sale on I never would have imagined myself having the funding to even think about ordering from Saks, but fate rooted me on from some dark corner of Google.

For 1/3 of the price, I snagged the boatneck dress in cobalt. Pictured is 'indigo'-- cobalt is a bit darker with a mixture of grey. Perfect.

It was one of those secret sales where I had to select the pull down menu and scan all of the prices and colors offered. Cobalt was the only option boasting the secret sale. I cannot wait until this beauty arrives.

[Sources: Elle, Google, Saks]