March 6, 2010

American Apparel

I've always possessed a slight aversion to American Apparel. The only thing I've ever purchased from the brand was a huge oversized hoodie in bright yellow from Ebay-- and it's not even in my possession anymore. No qualms about that. I wasn't really impressed with the fit.

Maybe it's the rumors about the owner of American Apparel that have turned me off to the brand, but more than likely, it's the hype and the trashy 'hip' advertising that really did it.

However, I convinced my boyfriend to stop in at our local AA right after our unsuccessful journey to Urban Outfitters. How trendy are we? This, of course, was before the local coffee house and the resale shop.

I admit to being suckered into several of the AA pieces only because I've seen a lot of fellow bloggers using basic garments in their layered outfits. Most of my basics are from Forever 21, and let's be honest, if they're meant to last, Forever 21 is really not the best source for quality essentials.

Unfortunately, I found it very easy to spend money at AA. Part of the appeal, besides the blatant sexual advertising strategies, is the lure of potentially versatile pieces that easily mix and match. There's the promise of feeling trendy while sporting unembellished clothing-- like swanky camouflage.

Most of the fabrics, ignoring the lamé, are lightweight and comfortable. And discounting the metallics and neons, the pastels and bold colors are immune to changes of season.

What did I walk away with? Three things. Three things, friends! Not bad, right?

Please excuse the low quality photos. I'm not on my normal computer, so I can't make a nice image with Photoshop.

Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt Dress-- But not in this color.

I picked it up in 'Ash Grey Apricot.' The first photo with the green dress just shows off the fit better. I bought this one size up because I didn't want to worry about it being too short or form fitting. I wanted a comfortable spring dress capable of layering. It's a bit around my shoulders, so I might try to shrink it just enough to feel snug on the top.

Heather Solid Thigh-High Sock in Heather Grey-- Surprisingly warm. Every girl in Milwaukee should have these for winter weather. Why didn't I discover these sooner?

Cotton Spandex Jersey Cross-Back Bra in Eggplant/Lime-- Haven't worn this yet, but I love all of the color combinations.

Verdict? I'm going to wait and see how often I rely on these AA pieces as staples. Who knows, I might become a loyal customer. SHOCK.

[Source: American Apparel]