March 30, 2010


Today I met with Arika, aka- the brains and talent behind Fashion Ninja, for pizza and business.

I think we're both equally excited to be beginning this venture, and it's about darn time fate threw us together. Milwaukee is a fairly small fashion market, so with the two of us collaborating, I think we'll be running this town in no time.

A lot of fashion bloggers team up with big companies, and while I'm sure the perks are cool, I feel like that personal connection weakens. Businesses, in general, view bloggers as glorified billboards.

There are exceptions to the rule; it's true that the give a little-get a little exchange can exist between individual fashion bloggers and larger companies in a balanced and personal manner, but the alliance shared between a fashion blogger and a local fashion house is something that promotes a strong coexistence.

I'd much rather sit down with a designer and exchange ideas than wave a banner ad on my page. I can't say that I'm not someday open to the idea of maybe sporting a TopShop ad on my blog, but I feel so much more involved when tangibility and physical participation comes into play.

Arika is releasing her Spring 2010 collection in segments, sending each design out into the world as soon as the last stitch is sewn.

Using some behind the scenes footage, I created a sneak peak video of two of her pieces, the Topenga Dress and the Reversible ZigZag dress.

Arika added a lot of beautiful spring pieces to her Etsy page. So if you like billowy, yet structured pieces, check out the shop!