March 27, 2010

The Perfect Pair of Skinny Jeans - Celebrity Pink

Anyone who knows me in real life is aware that I am addicted to skinny jeans. I haven't worn a pair of bootcut, flared, or boyfriend style jeans in years, save for pajama pants that never see the outside of a house.

Through this admiration for formfitting pants, I've come to acquire a very specific taste in skinny jeans.

A few requirements:

1. Material:
The jeans have a bit of stretch to them. 3% spandex and 97% cotton are the magic percentages. If the jeans have too much stretch, they'll sag, giving the appearance of the dreaded diaper butt. Believe me, no one wants that.

Some jeans are deceptive; they'll look great in the fitting room, but after a few hours of wear, the sleek shape will give way to an unflattering slouch. There's really no way to predict this unless it's a trusted brand with good quality denim.

2. Fit (Rise and Length):
Two things to consider here-- rise and length. I formerly was a fan of low rise jeans, but this doesn't make much sense with skinny jeans. A higher rise will elongate legs and also keep the pants in place. If the rise is too low, there's a greater risk of goodies peaking out when bending down or sitting, and that's never an area that should be shown off, regardless of how cute someone's underwear is. I'm talking to you, thong ladies!

I go for a rise that sits a about two inches from my bellybutton. This allows me the versatility of tucking in my shirts or even wearing cropped tops that skim the waist of my jeans.

The length of the jeans determines the style of footwear. In the winter, it's better to select jeans that are longer, since the footwear of the season tends to be boots. Nothing is more annoying than attempting to tuck in pants and having them pop out, revealing that awkward inch of ankle. This look can work well if it's styled properly with the right socks or shoes, but it's not sensible for sloppy weather.

Shorter skinny jeans flatter shoes with ankle straps or pointy toed heels, so they're a much better option in the warmer months.

It's a fine line to tread because skinny jeans that are too long will make someone look slouchy and sloppy, so be wary of the length, and find a good compromise for your height.

3. Wash:
Skinny jeans always look best in a dark wash. Since they run the risk of making people look shorter or even triangle shaped, it's a good idea to avoid any chance of making someone's bottom half look larger. Hips tend to look bigger when contrasted with the super tight calf and ankle area thanks to the shape of the pants. Darker washes provide a sleeker illusion.

Avoid whiskering around the hip area, and this really goes for any sort of jeans. I don't know why this became a trend, but whiskers are like huge neon arrows pointing to the hip area stating: LOOK HERE. CHECK OUT THIS HIGHLIGHTED PART OF MY BODY!

I've tried a lot of brands, and normally, I'd say my go-to brand would be Tripp NYC from Hot Topic. At $40 a pair, the jeans are good quality, fantastic fit, and come in a variety of washes.

Unfortunately, the brand has changed. The sizing has completely warped, and every size seems to have gotten smaller. The materials have also gotten cheaper in the past year, which is really unfortunate because I've had the same two pairs for over three years, and they've stood the test of time. Now the pants are stiff and attract lint, which proves to be a hassle when wearing dark washes.

There is good news. Celebrity Pink, a brand of denim, offers fantastic jeans at seriously cheap prices. I hunted down a pair from for under $25. The brand runs true to size. The jeans run a bit long, but the hem can be tucked under without looking goofy or bunchy. The denim washes beautifully and feels very comfortable.

I've tried higher end denim, like J Brand and Diesel, but I can safely say, for $25 a pair, Celebrity Pink feels and looks just as good.

As always, good denim is worth the wait, so don't be afraid to take a few pairs for a test drive by dancing around in the fitting room.