March 18, 2010

Photo Presentation

I'm a bit torn as to how I should keep formatting my photos. I really like the compact design when I put three photos in a series together as one image. The width limitations of my blog make it more difficult to post an image any larger than 700 pixels.

Since outfit/styling photos are such a huge part of my blog and any fashion blog in general, I want everything to look seamless. So I edited these photos in the same way-- both showcasing a series of three photos.

Do you guys like this format? Or would you prefer larger and individual photos? If I split the photos up, they would each be a lot bigger with more detail. Let me know what you guys think!

Also, I'm still working on 'watermarking' my photos. I don't really have any issues with people reposting them or using them as examples and such, but I guess I'd rather not have any fakes or anything fishy going on. So there will be a lot of experimentation happening!

Also, I have a phone interview tomorrow for a job, and I feel a tad unprepared. I promise I will catch up on my blog reading after.

[t-shirt dress and grey thigh highs: American Apparel, grey jersey cape: Charlotte Russe, turquoise cross: thrifted]