March 29, 2010

Spring Silhouette

When thinking about my one of my favorite trends for Spring 2010, I came across Shopbop's lookbook feature. One of the most prominent trends for this season is the slouchy silhouette.

Think of loose, draped tops paired with straight and structured bottoms, like pencil skirts and well tailored trousers. Even a more figure conscious bubble skirt compliments a billowy shirt. The pairing works as long as the shapes of the pieces contrast- form-fitting versus slouchy.

Another element incorporated into the trend is the heavy wedge. The great thing about this piece is that it can come in any variety of colors, like a nudes or neons. Like the structured bottom, the wedge compliments the light, romantic quality of the top.

The slouchy silhouette encourages creative pairings as well as innovative methods of consciously piecing items together. Getting physically involved by tucking, rolling, and twisting fabrics are all techniques that come into play with this trend.

[Sources: Shopbop]