March 15, 2010

Style Matters

The other day, one of my guy friends commented on a post of mine- specifically the Alexander Wang post. He asked me why I was making such 'a big deal about oversized T-shirts when I could just go to Wal-Mart and grab a pack of Hanes.'

My first instinct was to reply with a typical, 'You just don't get it. It's fashion.' Let's be honest, that response not only sounds pathetic, but it never has an impact as a valid argument.

What really is the difference between a Hanes pack of t-shirts and an Alexander Wang piece? The most obvious element is the price. While cost is not always accurately correlated with quality, in this case, it reflects the workmanship of the garment.

Clothing is a lot like cars. It is utilitarian. It serves a purpose- to protect our bodies from the environment. We can choose to buy clothing for this single purpose, or else we can select pieces that create a statement. Cars are the same way. They are utilitarian piece; they take us from Point A to Point B. So why care about the color of the car? Or how we decorate the interior? Why bother with the engine and the fancy mechanical aspects that do not offer more than superficial differences? Some changes to a car do not affect the car's performance, yet people believe they are important modifications.

Style matters. We all associate some element of our lives with how we appear to the world as well as how we feel about ourselves.

Alexander Wang pieces cost more because they are made from better material and require more money to not only manufacture, but design. This is what many people forget. Behind a polished piece, a thought process exists.

There are so many subtle elements of an item of clothing that dictate whether it is interesting and fashionable-- consider the delicate draping, the perfect seaming and finishing, or the precision cut and fit.

The attention to and recognition of these features is what truly makes a fashionable individual stand apart from a person who accepts whatever is in front of them without craving something better.

It is true we can't all afford highly designed pieces. But the important thing is that we remain aware of our options and appreciate fine craftsmanship and intriguing details and the possibility of fashion.