April 1, 2010

Charles Anastase

Bad news- I'm without a computer!

This morning, while my coffee brewed, I turned my computer on only to see nothing but a black screen. I suppose that's better than the blue screen of doom from my Windows days, but still, not a good sight to behold.

I brought it in immediately to my nearest Apple store, and everything should be repaired within a week. Fingers crossed I don't lose any files, but I gave them my external hard drive to back everything up in case.

I've got to extend another thanks to Kat. She's generously allowing me to usurp her computer every ten seconds.

So please bear with me while I'm a tad inhibited for a week or so!

I was really inspired by the color palette of Charles Anastase. Crimson, seafoam green, black, and cream? You've got me hooked. Let's not forget the leopard print or the powerhouse shoes.

[Source: Studded Hearts]