April 21, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell Alexa Wedge

I would not mind owning these, wearing these, and loving these to the very bitter end.

I do believe I missed out on LF's limited edition and cannot afford to scoop them up on Ebay. Yes, they're utterly ridiculous, but that's why I love them.

There are tons of knock offs on Ebay, but none of them have the contrast metal sole lining like the Alexa Wedges.

So if anyone has any leads, send them my way!

My other Jeffrey Campbell's broke after one wear, so I'm a bit apprehensive to invest in another expensive pair. I've seen the Pixie, the 99's, and the Raid. But none of them compare to the Alexa.

The Raid:

Maybe I'll settle for the Raid someday.

In other news, how saucy is this pair of Tripp NYC pants?

Lace and rips? Every little rebel child's dream.

Hopefully they're just as slick in person because they should arrive within the week!

[Source: Google Images]