April 14, 2010

Leopard T-shirt Dress

Arika of FASHION NINJA and I got together today to discuss the latest videos for her line. She's got a handful of new designs coming out within the next few weeks, and I'm definitely looking forward to their release!

One of the videos is stop motion inspired and with a dash of Dragonette, but it needs a tiny bit of tweaking before it goes live. As soon as it's ready, I'll post it.

Today proved warm enough for a t-shirt dress and tights! I think my landlord was walking in my yard and spotted me posing by the window for these shots. A bit awkward!

And yes, that is a camera remote in my hand. My secret of single person photo shoots has been revealed...

[t-shirt dress, necklace, aviators: H&M, blazer: thrifted, hat: Hot Topic, tights: ?, boots: GoJane]