April 19, 2010

Nordstrom: A Religious Experience

Chicago has left me in a dreamlike state. There was plenty of wandering around the city with wide eyes, and there existed those quiet moments, when I stood by the window and gazed around the city through the glass.

My sister, Lauren, and I observed that women in Chicago are so much more fashionable, and so much more aware of how to dress themselves. Even jeans, a simple tee, and a ten second updo look amazing on these windy city natives. I even spotted girls who looked like they were models- they possessed that chic sensibility and grace only agency girls can effortlessly emanate.

My main destination in Chicago? Zara. So many bloggers from around the word have credited pieces of their ensembles to Zara, and I have always felt jealous. It's definitely safe to say Zara is a beautiful combination of H&M and Forever 21, only better. The bottom floor had me fooled. It reminded me a lot of the conservative 'all grown up' women's section at H&M. Simple and appropriate for work. It took me a while to discover the escalator that led to the more affordable floor.

Zara was a madhouse. I had to wait in line ten minutes to even get a dressing room. I walked away with three pieces, and yes, one of the items is a pair of harem pants! The two other items are absolutely Balmain inspired and gorgeous. I'll take photos tomorrow when it's light out.

Now, my friends, onto the awakening of my fashion soul: Nordstrom. I cannot believe this place. The handbag section was difficult enough to walk through. Marc by Marc Jacobs, L.A.M.B., Alexander McQueen, Chloe...

I browsed the handbags for a good twenty minutes, and even walked around with a handbag like I was going to buy it just to feel the weight of it in the hands. Seriously, how could anyone not lust after these? And I waded through the Alexander McQueen skulls scarves! $260... slightly out of my reach.

I drooled over the newest L.A.M.B. bags and even toyed with the idea of buying a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for $300 on sale.

Eventually I wandered over to the women's clothes, and had a religious experience. Marc Jacobs $2,220 leather coat IN MY HANDS. Elizabeth and James. Helmut Lang. See by ChloƩ I kept moving from rack to rack with my friends in tow. I would see a new designer and shout out the name, "Oh! The Row! Oh my god, you guys. Oh..." Then I would caress the clothes. It was so alien to me to not only see the designer labels, but feel them and have all of these wonderful garments so absolutely accessible to me.

And then... it happened.


An entire RACK of Alexander Wang. I did not want go leave.

Nordstrom was a mix of love and hate. It was an amazing feeling to see and feel everything I've only witnessed through a computer screen or magazine pages. But it was also sort of depressing to know I'd have to be a millionaire to regularly shop at a place so wondrous as Nordstrom.

And I couldn't help myself... this homage needed to be created.

Thanks for the love affair, Nordstrom. I'll be sticking to the clearance rack and cruising the web for sweet underground sales.

If anyone would still like a Shop It To Me invite, let me know. Sites like that, along with other companies, like Gilt, give us thrifty fashion addicts hope.

Please let me know if you'd like a Shop It To Me or Gilt invite!

[Source: Collage created from Nordstrom, other images from Google]