April 6, 2010

Shop It To Me

Two shots playing with texture and light. My hair is growing and becoming more healthy thanks to less heat damage and more protein treatments.

Today I lucked out and found these adorable floral shorts at Forever 21.

I saw them last night in this photo and was impressed with how they could be a little sexy and adorable at the same time.

One of the frustrating things about Forever 21 is seeing something online or even once at the store and never being able to find it again in person. It's always such a treasure hunt, but when I do find exactly what I'm looking for, it's a lovely [and fairly inexpensive] surprise.

I just joined 'Shop It To Me' and have a whole bunch of invites to give out.

It's basically a tool that sends you an email about once or twice a week with all of the deals to your favorite brands in it. No spam, and you can pick and choose how often to receive the email and what brands you are interested in.

If anyone would like an invite, please comment with your email, and I'll send one to you!

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