April 8, 2010

Slouchy Beanie

Confession: I'm addicted to colored beanies. I have them in every color- black, grey, brown. Then come the muted tones in golden mustard, sage green, cranberry, plum, and the list goes on. I think last time I counted, twelve beanies stared back at me.

Lately, I've really allowed myself to play around with colors, especially neutral colors. A primarily black outfit doesn't mean I have to wear a black hat. Why not try grey or even brown?

Brown does go with grey. I hate that rule-- no brown shoes with a black outfit? It's one of those rules your old fashioned relative attempts to convince you of. Brown and black also work well together. That's why they're neutral colors! They don't negatively impact one another. In fact, playing with neutrals makes an outfit more interesting. Imagine how many points of interest you're creating.

Clouds boasting rain and snow gathered in the sky today, so there wasn't much light to work with [hence the wonky coloring in the photos]. But I made the best of it with grey, brown, and black.

Also, thank you SO much to everyone who has commented in the past few days due to the Nasty Gal post-- or even if you found my blog through another source. Your comments and participation mean a great deal to me, and this energy and enthusiasm is what fuels me.

[tee and leather jacket: Forever 21, jeans: Celebrity Pink, beanie: Hot Topic]