April 22, 2010

Webcam Shots

As much as I try, I don't always have the time or the means to take a daily outfit post. It would be amazing to get into the habit of always stepping in front of the camera right before I I leave home, but that's not always feasible. Part of the photographer inside of me fantasizes about my very own photo studio settled in some nook in my house, and I have to tell myself that in some manner, it's possible, but not probable.

This issue left me wondering how satisfying webcam shots are to a fashion blogger audience. Setting up my Mac's camera takes merely seconds, and while the quality of the photographs isn't stunning, I figure it's better than nothing. Webcam shots are good for those quickies when I want to share my newest nailpolish color or t-shirt. A webcam certainly isn't my first method of choice, but is it good enough every now and then?

Sometimes webcam shots feel like cheating, but they can also feel a bit more honest and raw. The quality of the photos hinders any magical Photoshop transformations. Not that I do heavy editing to my photographs, but a few tweaks in lighting and saturation enhance fashion photographs.

Do webcam photos compromise the quality of the blog? Or are they better than nothing, especially for daily readers?

Feel free to vote from the drop down box. Also comments explaining choices or anything else are certainly welcome!

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How do you feel about webcam shots on a fashion blog?