May 22, 2010

Aviators and Red Lipstick

Just a quickie update today.

Thank you to everyone who replied on the last post! I'm going to keep a good balance of artsy photos and straight on shots. I will, of course, be getting back to every single person who took the time to comment come Monday.

My graduation party was today, and I swear it to you, fellow fashion addicts, I am going to SAVE the money I received. Seriously, I an opening a savings account just for the money. I'm having success maintaining my self control concerning shopping-- it just takes a lot of willpower and avoiding places like Target and Forever 21.

Aviators-- always classy and always a little rocker. My lipstick needs a touchup in this photo [that's what I get for trying to eat a veggie wrap with lip color on], but I'm sort of liking the slight ombre effect of the colors.