May 21, 2010

Free Form Top

I'm loving this H&M top. It's huge and breezy with a fantastic free form slouch. The sleeves are so open that I can see my hips when I position my arms a certain way. It's kind of odd to be able to feel my waist and hips when my arms are by my sides, but hey, it's kind of refreshing and a little bit taboo.

The color is a mix of purple and grey, and anything with a tint of grey has my heart.


I'm still trying to develop my blogging 'outfit photo style.' Normally I prefer to do straight on very simple shots. But sometimes the lighting doesn't allow it, and I end up doing a little bit more playing around while editing the photo.

What do you prefer in general? Do you like very simple outfit shots? Or do you like some 'artsy' [excuse the term] photos once in a while?

Sometimes I feel the artsy shots convey a mood, but I also think straight on shots display the elements of the outfit better.

[oversized top: H&M, jeans: Celebrity Pink, boots: Ebay]