May 18, 2010

Hello Kitty and Bubble Jumpers

Day two of hanging out at my sister's house thanks to car repairs.

Some new goodies!

Excuse the high contrast. I'm using my sister's Windows computer, so the screen is a little different than what I'm used to.

Hello Kitty tote bag with a matching mini pouch. And a Hello Kitty contact case. Who thinks of this stuff?!

It's kind of fun to make due with only what I have on me concerning styling. I'm pretty spoiled normally, with bags and bags of makeup and drawers full of clothes. Since I'm staying at Lauren's, I get to play around with her makeup and clothing. It's funny because we've always worn the same size clothing, yet things fit me differently. I have more curves, so tops tend to be especially frustrating when we're trying to share.

Lauren said I could borrow her clothing, so I picked a pink bunny tank and a bubble jumper that I actually gave her because I somehow managed to get two of them. The mint triangle bra from AA made for some nice detailing around the neck.

I scored these amazing chocolate cherry Justin Romper boots on Ebay for $10! I'm in love with them.

[pink tank: Forever 21, bubble jumper: Delia's, shoes: Ebay]