May 17, 2010

Misfits Fashion

Recently, I've noticed an influx in Misfits t-shirts. This uprising revives my former punk- the angst ridden teenager trying to go against the grain while looking half rough and tumble and the other half strangely elegant.

This takes me back to the days of rainbow hair, chucks, all black ensembles, and loads of skulls. I firmly believe that once anyone develops an affinity for punk- whether it be the lifestyle, the music, or the fashion, something always remains inside. It's a dormant desire, but it absolutely stays with someone and resurfaces even in the smallest ways.

I'm a sucker for skulls, gothic crosses, tight pants, and lace up boots. My guess is that I always will have a weak spots for these things.

*I'm without my usual computer and camera for a few days. For now, please bear with me! All of the comments and participation mean a ton to me, so I will absolutely get back to everyone in a few days.*