May 20, 2010

Nature in the City

Last week, I was out grabbing dinner with my fella when I noticed the color of the sky through the windows. It was beautiful. The sun was setting so quickly that the colors in the atmosphere were changing with every second.

I only took a few shots in the dimming light, and I didn't want the flash of the camera to ruin the absolutely beautiful coloring of the twilight.

I love this second shot so much. The neon glow of the cross is so... Vegas to me. Neon crosses seem almost sacrilegious, like they're too flashy, but that's what I love about them. They're so vibrant and irreverent.

Christopher Kane came to mind. His work with atmosphere and light is simply gorgeous.

I wish I could have grabbed some pieces from his Topshop collection because his other pieces, although gorgeous, are way out of my price range.

It was refreshing to find inspiration in nature, even in the middle of the city.