May 19, 2010

Sequin Kitten Top H&M

After a few days of staying with my sister, I'm back home.

My car is repaired and I had an opportunity to get a little shopping done.

H&M was stocked with a ton of summer clothing. Stripes seem to be a huge thing for H&M this year, like they're the finishing touch for any garment. Sequined stripes, strong shoulder shirts with stripes, tunics and rompers with bold stripes. Stripes transform any seemingly simple outfit into a chic ensemble.

I used to have a very strong attraction to stripes, but after collecting a closet packed with horizontal lines, I've learned to tone it down and get my stripe on only when I fall in love with a piece.

One of my finds is something so ridiculous I couldn't pass it up. No stripes, either!

Excuse the club kid feel of these photos! It's a sequined kitten shirt, and yes, I bought the top a few sizes bigger than my real size. I love the slouchy tunic feel of this.

Here are some photos of the Justin Romper boots I just scored.

One of the amazing things about these boots is that when scratched, a rich shade of cherry is exposed. I feel like these boots are one of those items that will only look better and better with time.

[top: H&M, glasses: PacSun]