June 30, 2010

Forever 21 Oxford Wedges and Chocolate

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. I've been busy with errands, so I haven't even gotten a chance to catch up on all of the other blogs I read!

As usual, it was extremely hot a few days ago, so I paired a simple H&M tank dress and a ruffle skirt together. And yes, I'm wearing my favorite beat up leopard flats.

A local department store has an amazing mirror in the lobby of the restrooms. It's probably ten feet tall. I stood around and as inconspicuously as possible, took a few photos.

You may notice that my Forever 21 oxford wedges arrived.

Verdict? I'm usually a size 7.5 - 8, and while the shoes are a little loose on me, since I ordered an 8, I'm really happy with them. I like them a little loose because I can wear socks or even socks and tights together. They're fairly comfortable, but I'll probably put some cushions inside. After a few hours of walking around, the balls of my feet ached. But hey, that's what happens when I combine high shoes and lots of wandering around.

My mom bought me a box of chocolate when she and I went out shopping. I apologize for the low quality photo. I was going to snag my DSLR to take a photo, but come on-- it's chocolate! I was too hungry to take proper photos.

Next time I get chocolate, I promise I'll take more detailed photos.

Also, I know I still have to get back to a few of you, so please be patient. I'll be able to catch up tomorrow!

[tank dress and bag: H&M, ruffle skirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's, flats: Target]

[cardigan: H&M, tee and wedges: Forever 21, shorts: Wet Seal]