July 20, 2010

Work Casual in BDG Cardigan

Work has got me beat! I went from 5 hours of work a week to 40, and it's been a huge shock. Still, I'm learning how to dress myself differently, and my default outfit is no longer ripped black skinnies and an oversized tank.

Whenever I go to Urban, I always check out the guy's clearance section. They have the best sweaters and tees. I steal all of my boyfriend's BDG sweaters because they're so darn soft and comfy. The girl's sweaters tend to be a lot more flimsy, but the boy versions have some texture to them!

I think I need more cardigans. Ironic that it's over 80 degrees out, and the only item on my shopping list is cardigans. Air conditioning in a huge office makes me immune to whatever is happening outside.

Also, the leopard oxfords were such a score. I spied them through the window at Urban Outfitters and lost hope because anything in a window is usually new and full priced. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shoes were on sale for $20 instead of $48. I found a pair in half a size too big, but since the shoes are narrow, I just put sole inserts in, and now they fit perfectly.

[cardigan and flats: Urban Outfitters, black skinnies: Tripp NYC from Karmaloop, v-neck and necklace: Forever 21, bag: H&M]

Also, I almost completely forgot that I had registered for a Karmaloop REP code long ago.

I was chatting with a girl in a community I belong to, and she told me my discount code saved her 20% on some Jeffrey Campbell shoes. So if anyone wants 20% off from Karmaloop, use my REP code!


So you get 20% the first time you use it and 10% forever on after that. Heaven knows I'm a manic for coupon codes and secret sales.