August 21, 2010

Marie Claire September 2010 Folk Rocks

Sorry for my absence as of late! I know, I know, same old reasoning due to work.

Two Updates in a Very Convenient List
1. The winner of the Orient watch giveaway has been chosen, but I'm still waiting to hear back from Orient as what to do next.

2. I got my hair cut today! I still have my length, but it's definitely a change. No more swoop! Photos to come Monday.

For now, I wanted to share an editorial from Marie Claire that I was really impressed with. Normally, I don't like posting magazine photos, but this September 2010 issue was jam packed with flawless styles.

With most magazines, I usually find them to be hit or miss, but this Marie Claire issue blew me away. Maybe it was because Mark-Kate Olsen is on the cover?

The Folk Rocks editorial is so beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite looks. The silhouettes, the hair, the makeup, the model... A+ in my book. I know where I'll be drawing my fall inspiration from.

[images: trendhunter]