August 23, 2010

Vintage Bangs and a Festival Dress

New haircut photos!

Very vintage inspired bangs-- and paired with winged eyeliner, I'm loving it. With every haircut, I always end up turning back to the side swoop bang, but I'd really like to keep up with these delicate bangs for a while. They instantly complete a hairstyle.

There's something so epically classic about a vintage bang that the look ends up feeling edgy because it's so against what mainstream is promoting.

This 90's festival dress was my most recent score from thrifting. $5!

Also, my dear readers, I discovered something shocking today. While editing photos, I realized my nostrils are different shapes! If you look in the second to last photo, and yes, I'm encouraging everyone to go stare at my nose, I have one jellybean nostril and one donut nostril. The jellybean comparison is thanks to my sister, Kat.

How did I not notice this? After 23 years?! You learn something new every day. It's not so much sad as it is amusing.

Has this happened to anyone else? You just randomly noticed something about yourself that's always been there?!

[festival dress and boots: thrifted, feline sunnies: Nasty Gal]
[lipstick: NARS Jungle Red]