April 28, 2011

Vintage Vice

When life gets tough, some people turn to drugs, booze, gambling and other vices.

What do I do? I shop.

Yes, yes, I give into consumerism and materialism, but you know what? I enjoy the process of shopping, the thrill of the hunt, more than the actual items. What is the most relaxing to me, is browsing vintage clothing, whether I'm in a store or in front of a computer.

Give me a cup of coffee (decaf, if the sun's down) and a computer. I'm good to go.

It's been a really tough week, with each day becoming increasingly more stressful and more worthy of eye rolls, swearing and general rage. Vintage shopping has really helped me relax.

My philosophy: I should never pay more than $50 for a vintage piece. Mind you, there are exceptions. If I fall in love with something and feel I'll never find something like it again, I buy it. If it's very old vintage in amazing condition, I buy it. I'm still proud to say the most expensive vintage piece I own cost no more than $50, and it's the most perfect dress in the world.

Exhibit A:

More recent purchases...

Waiting for these two in the mail...

And hey, I just sold some shoes and clothing to Plato's Closet, so I'm really not spending all that much. That doesn't explain my credit card bill, so let's just hope next month is less turbulent.

Back to my decaf coffee.