July 8, 2011

I Blame Coco

This month you can find me totally enamored with the face of I Blame Coco. Eliot Sumner (yeah, yeah, daughter of Sting) has got wicked style, an androgynous look (lord knows I'm a sucker for that) and some freakishly catchy music going on.

It's gritty pop that caters to any mood. Coco reminds me a lot of Alexa Chung. Both gals retain a sense of faith to their individual styles, and it's safe to say that both Alexa and Coco embrace a splash of haphazard fearlessness. Basically, I'm applauding anyone who dresses for themselves and makes appearing a tad scruffy a cool gal thing.

Plus, she scowls in most of her photos. You know, like me!