March 12, 2012

Smells Like Teen Spirit (And Blue Velvet by Special Effects)

The green hair is gone for good! My plan was to ensure I was not rocking green come St. Patrick's Day. Not that I really would have been bothered by all of the, "Did you dye that just for today?!" exclamations, but having represented nature's finest hue since October, it was time for a change.

Little did I know that Blue Velvet by Special Effects bleeds like a mother#$%$! Two weeks after coloring my hair blue, and guess what? It's still bleeding everywhere. Ever since I converted to blue, I've had to wear dark clothing because the color even bleeds onto my collars, shoulders and back. My neck is pretty much a consistent shade of blue, and my friend was kind enough to point out it just looks as though I'm constantly suffering from frostbite.

So here's hoping this I've got the blues... all over me phase won't last too much longer. As someone who's been using Special Effects for a good 8 years now, I didn't expect this blue to make such a statement on my skin -- you know, instead of on my hair.





Side-note: I like to fake sidecuts in a lot of my pictures because I'm always toying with the idea of going full on Anya from Project Runway and just shaving it off. Alas, I know better than that because heaven knows I'd regret my decision when my long-hair-goal-derailment becomes apparent.

But seriously, what a babe!

After her season aired, she cut her hair and is still gorgeous, but it was the long hair + sidecut that stole my heart.

[shirt: H&M, leggings: JCPenny + DIY, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, bag: Alexander Wang]