April 1, 2012

Wave Hello - Hot Shot Tools Nano Ceramic Deep Waver

I've been seeking a little more oomf (yup, totally used that word) lately and finally decided to invest in a styling tool.

Normally, I braid my hair before bed, spray a little Tigi Catwalk Salt Spray (which is amazing and apparently has tobacco flowers in it) and then tease and texturize in the morning with a little Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray.

But who knew these waves could be achieved in less than fifteen minutes? Meet my deep waver.

I really like the fact that I can control the intensity of the waves, and they last for days on end. I'm going to aim for even looser, more relaxed looking waves next time. But I'm guessing over the next few days, the curves will lessen, and I'll get that beachy-a-la-Olsen look.



And holy hyperlinking. I'd like to point out that all of the items mentioned were bought by me and not sponsored. Though, I wouldn't mind freebies. (Hint hint, hair and beauty product companies...)