July 2, 2012

SwayChic Review - Claw Muscle Tank and Wild Knit Skirt

I'm all about supporting small businesses, especially when it comes to fashion. I got the opportunity to work with Sway aka SwayChic and have nothing but super awesome rad things to say about this company.

A wonderfully perfect experience. Great communication, super fast shipping and a selection that caters to even the most offbeat girly punky lady, you know, such as myself. That was my awkward attempt at defining my style.

Just goes to show Sway Chic can cater to even the most eclectic fashion fans.


My stuff arrived in a super well sealed box with pink tissue paper inside.

I did something a little different this time and did two looks for the same outfit. A casual day look and a more glam night look. Okay, well, they're both pretty quirky, but that's just how I am. The night is a little grittier.




Look, everyone, I have a butt according to this skirt! A BUTT. Now everyone is looking at my butt!





Here's what I got:

I chose the Claws Graphic Tank because it's a flipping muscle tank! I'm such a sucker for muscle tanks, especially ones with slightly creepy elements, such as claws. Plus, the slightly worn color of the tank really suckered me in.

I got it in a large so I can also wear it as a tunic with leggings. Ah, ah! Options, right?

I also picked the Wild Knit Skirt because knit skirts are awesome for hugging your booty. They always give even the most baby of butts (yeah, I said it) some shape. Plus, knit skirts are also super duper great because you don't have to worry about pantylines. Yayyy... right?

I got a large in the skirt because I knew it was pretty short, and I'm glad I did. It's just the right size.

Thank you, SwayChic and special thanks to Jenny!