October 30, 2012

Rock 'N Roll Child

Before the blonde took hold, my fella and I took a few shots to go with an article I was writing for Feminspire.

Check out my sidecut article- Why I Shaved Half My Head to Fight the Good Fight on Feminspire now. The site is growing so quickly!

Behold, two badass photos that didn't make the cut.



My thoughts go out to everyone who is affected by Sandy. That has got to be terrifying. Stay strong and safe, everyone.

October 25, 2012

Black to Blonde Hair

Hey ohhh!

Just a little preview of things happening on top of my head.


It's even lighter and a little bit blonder in real life. The flash makes it look a little darker.

My stylist is a miracle worker!

October 21, 2012


More UNIF once again. No surprise there, right?

I simply could not resist snagging some UNIF at more than 60% off. God, I love me some beat up muscle tanks.

My beau took the wheel, er shutter, behind the camera for these photos.

Just some quickies before heading out to a late dins.

I'm still without any image editing software, so eep. That situation will be remedied very soon.



[muscle tee: UNIF, thermal: Kohl's, skinnies: Denimocracy, beanie: F21]

October 7, 2012

Nevermind Sweater 'n Piling It All on

So last week I had a day where I was paralyzed by indecision. It was one of those times when I wanted to wear a whole slew of items that didn't really ~go together~ (Yikes, broke out the tildes).

But then I had an epiphany and thought, "Why not just wear everything I want all at once regardless of whether it all fits together?" And so, I did.

Even though the sweater is a little boxy, and the skirt is a tad short, I don't regret a thing -- not enough the tie dye headscarf I wrapped into a bow.

Lesson the day? When in doubt, wear it out. I'm sure this attitude will come back to haunt me one of these times.

(Please excuse the slight grain to the photos. Took 'em on my phone.)




[sweater and skirt: Forever 21, scarf: H&M]

October 2, 2012

Love Nail Tree Tee

Snagged this tee from the $10 bin at the Love Nail Tree tent during the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair. Don't you love it when you physically have to dig through piles of stuff to get what you want? Dare I say there's something primal about it?

The vest was a gift from my fella after we mulled over whether to invest (hey-oh!) in a Drop Dead denim piece (for around $100) -- yikes!

We ended up agreeing that this Iron Fist goodie was even more badass than what Drop Dead had to offer.




Photo cred goes to Zack. Hey buddy, you're getting better!
And Laur, pawfect editing.

[shirt: Love Nail Tree, vest: Iron Fist, leggings: H&M, boots: Jeffrey Campbell, purse: Alexander Wang, beanie: F21- thanks to Kat!]