October 2, 2012

Love Nail Tree Tee

Snagged this tee from the $10 bin at the Love Nail Tree tent during the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair. Don't you love it when you physically have to dig through piles of stuff to get what you want? Dare I say there's something primal about it?

The vest was a gift from my fella after we mulled over whether to invest (hey-oh!) in a Drop Dead denim piece (for around $100) -- yikes!

We ended up agreeing that this Iron Fist goodie was even more badass than what Drop Dead had to offer.




Photo cred goes to Zack. Hey buddy, you're getting better!
And Laur, pawfect editing.

[shirt: Love Nail Tree, vest: Iron Fist, leggings: H&M, boots: Jeffrey Campbell, purse: Alexander Wang, beanie: F21- thanks to Kat!]