December 15, 2012

Dimepiece Ain't No Wifey

I scored big during the Dimpiece Designs big Black Friday sale. Though I was a little late to the party, five super badass pieces arrived on my doorstep a couple days later.

Dimepiece is getting a ton of attention with the Ain't No Wifey motto. And damn, I couldn't be happier that this company keeps growing and busting out more amazing quality tees, dresses and cool stuff I just drool over and then finally cave in and buy. This sounds like a paid endorsement, but I swear it's not. I just love the girl power behind this brand.





I felt brave enough to go to the MAC counter today amidst the holiday crowds. Finally, and seriously, finally, I picked up the Cyber lipstick. Per the makeup artist's recommendation, I nabbed a lip liner in Nightmoth to prolong the color saturation. Holy hell, I forgot how awkward it is to use a lipliner. Five Q-tips later and there was some semblance of a straight line. Yikes.

It's a little darker than I anticipated, but every now and then, Mall Goth Beth has to reemerge from the shadows of Hot Topic.

And yes, I do have a tattoo on my chest under my boobies.

[ain't no wifey thermal and pencil skirt: Dimepice Designs, paris is burning snapback: Karl Alley]