December 23, 2013

Bitching and Junkfood Nicolette Coat

Guys, I tried. I tried really hard to resist the siren song of the most ridiculous faux fur coat I've ever seen.

I passed up Black Friday paloozas and Cyber Monday blowouts for this beauty- this shaggy outwear monster from heaven. When one popped backed into my size, it was fate. Yeah, okay, not fate, but my reasoning was that I've been obsessing over this Bitching and Junkfood coat for months now, so... you know. It's justifiable, okay? Okay.

If you're into strange and wondrous shaggy dreamboats, do not hesitate. It's really worth the investment. Hi, my name is Beth, and I'm an enabler. If you love it, get it.

While I'm trending on ridiculousness, allow me to roll around in bed with glitter skulls because hey, why not.






[faux fur coat: Bitching and Junkfood (score it via Nasty Gal), dress: Bess x Urban Outfitters, socks: Petals & Peacocks, boots: UNIF]

December 19, 2013

Black Lipstick - Thanks, Fergie

Who knew I'd like a lipstick crafted by Fergie? More likely it was crafted and Fergie was like, "Sure, whatever. That's cool." That's how celebrity collaborations work, don't ya know.

Christmas is almost here, and my bank account is weeping. I can't resist passing up sales. Seriously, you guys, seriously, shopping ban after the holidays are over.



October 21, 2013

Sole Provisions Review

If you've seen me walking down the street, I'm usually wearing something spiked, something super tall or something super ridiculous on my feet. Whether it's a busted pair of vintage boots with some DIY touches or monster platforms, I have 'em. But every once in a while, I need to rest my pups (sidenote: I now speak like an 80-year-old grandma) and give my feet a break.

I recently hooked up with Sole Provisions. Initially I was a little wary seeing as how they don't have much in the way of wild heels or platforms. But I remembered that winter is coming, like Game-of-Thrones-style because hello, I live in Wisconsin. I wanted boots I could throw in my bag and slip into once I got indoors.



Behold, my lil booties. They actually remind me of something Link from Zelda would wear. Moccasin stitching on the front with a buckle and red interior? It's all in the details. I'm totally anti-Ugg, even though I know they're extremely comfortable, so I've always been on the hunt for cute boots that mix extreme comfort and laid-back style. Super comfy with a lot of support and mad rad soft suede, I'm getting very accustomed to sliding into these on when I get home a la slipper-style. When it starts to snow, I'll keep 'em in my bag and jump into them after taking off my snow boots.


Fitflop Dash Ankle Boot (Psst, it comes in brown colors if you're not into black.)

Sole Provisions had super fast shipping, too, which is always a plus in my book... or a plus in my boot. You know.

And now for some obligatory Beth hair shots because it's now randomly smokey purple.




[tee: Trash and Vaudeville, pants: Denimocracy, boots: Sole Provisions]

September 16, 2013

Back in Black

I knew it wouldn't be long before my inevitable identity crisis. Right on time, my brain reminded me that there's no color more suitable for me than bright freaking black.

Toodles, blonde, lavender and pink. It's been real.




[tee: Obesity and Speed]

August 12, 2013

Lavender Hair. Lilac Hair. Silver Hair. All of the Above.

Whoa whoa whoa, it's been a good handful of months since my last update. Let's skip the customary (and obligatory) apologies and just hop to it, as though my hiatus just never happened at all.

New camera! The only thing missing is a decent photo editing program. I've been using this horribly cheap one, and it's sucking the quality out, like some malnourished pixel monster. My new goal is to get my paws on something from oh, I don't know, this decade? I'm on it, captain.

Lavender hair, go forth!








Thanks for the photos, Baby Kat.

[Henley: Kill City]

May 2, 2013

One Teaspoon Drop Crotch Pants






Beep beep. I'm back!

Finally, the right dropcrotch black harem pants have made their way into my life. Thank you, One Teaspoon, for understanding how to make the perfect pants.

They're the One Teaspoon Midnight Rambler Jagger Pant. I got mine from Dolls Kill. The material is thick and amazing quality. Eep, so in love. Even my boo (yes, boo) asked me where he could get a pair. Lord knows he wasn't serious, but still. Cool pants, bro! Boyfriend-approved.

As usual, it's impossible for me to take serious portrait photos. Hence the smoosh-faced-goofball-extreme photos against the red wall. I stick my tongue out whenever the occasion calls for it.

And can we just talk about how obsessed I am with that dirty white tee? Rats, off-white color and the perfect I stole this from my boyfriend fit. Le yum. God, I'm full of obnoxious phrases lately. LE YUM.

[tee: Trash and Vaudeville, sweater: Urban Outfitters, harem pants: One Teaspoon via Dolls Kill, necklace: Kill City via Dolls Kill, boots: vintage/diy]

April 2, 2013


I've succumbed to the pressure. Instagram, you sly dog, you.

A few random shots-





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See ya out there!

March 15, 2013

Orange Beanie Kinda Day





Please excuse the iPhone pics! I've been a lazy daisy lately, but at least I've been making more of an effort to layer textures and patterns. And of course, I've decided to embark on this layering mission as soon as the temperatures begin to rise. I've never been great with timing, you know.

My baby sis, Kat, snagged me the rad pins that now reside on my beanie. They traveled all the way from some rad boutique in Japan. They haven't poked me in the eye yet, but there's still time for that.

Big changes are coming my way, and let's just say I'm equal parts excited and absolutely terrified. My brain is an absolute mess comprised of too much coffee, dozens of to-do lists and general chaos.

P.S. In other news, I'm blonder!

[dress and denim jacket: Forever 21, camo shirt: Wet Seal, faux leather jacket: UNIF, beanie: Urban Outfitters, purse: Alexander Wang]

March 3, 2013

Jac Vanek Slacker Sweatshirt

Yep, I'm a slacker lately, and there's nothing more fitting than confessing that to the world via a piece of clothing, right?






[sweatshirt: Jac Vanek, dress: For Love & Lemons, backpack: Vans]

February 19, 2013

Petals and Peacocks - SDFU

There comes a time in every young fashion maven's life when she must acquire as many wash your mouth out with soap pieces, and for me, the time is now.

Petals and Peacocks once again has dished out some super rad pieces. If there's anything I can get behind, it's fashion mixed with effortlessness- and comfort. Behold, the holy trinity!

But for real, the new SDFU (shut des f*ckup) design is tongue-in-cheek fun. And anything that can make your mom exclaim, "Oh my goodness" is worth the shock value.









Check out the Petals and Peacocks store! And maybe I don't even need to say this, but the beanies are super stretchy- so stretchy that they can even accommodate my crazy big head. Oh life.

February 11, 2013

UNIF Union Jack - Jacket Addict

I find myself automatically reaching for my UNIF goodies whenever I leave the house lately. And lord knows other fashion babies out there do the exact same thing. It's seriously getting a little scary.



So glad my mission of looking like a dirt bag in the candy aisle at Target was accomplished.

I definitely went a little wild during the Nasty Gal sale, and yup, reference the first sentence of this post and you'll find that the majority of my scores were UNIF. The UNIF Detention dress was #30-ish dollars. Insane! Insane in the membrane, people.

I was ogling the Leo Zip Pants forever but couldn't justify the price tag until they dropped to under $30. The reviews all revealed the pants fit super small- like two sizes to small. Yup, they were right. Lord, are these suckers super tight. I might rip them up a little to change the skintight-suction-cup thing going on, but we'll see. They look super rad on, and I suppose that's all that counts for now.

The iPhone finally happened, so there will hopefully be lots of instagramming happening!

[jacket: UNIF, camo sweater: Forever 21, pants: UNIF, bag: Alexander Wang]