January 30, 2013

UNIF Christian Death Metal

Behold a little glimpse into my life lately. But if you know me well, these photos show nothing new. Disheveled hair? Check. Beat up tee? Check. Lots of fur and leopard? Oh, lawd, who would I really be without them?

I was so excited to get my paws on this UNIF tee. It was either sold out everywhere, or else it was marked up to full retail price, which I always refuse to pay. After months of searching, I gave up and settled for the muscle tank version but was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package to find that sweet Bessie, the top had sleeves to it. A fluke? I say fate!

To anyone else, sleeves vs. no sleeves is not a huge deal. But when you live in Wisconsin in the seriously low temperatures, sleeves are a blessing. You can only layer thermals under your tanks for so long. Plus, I can no longer justify buying a million sleeveless tees, so it was time to get a little more sensible.




[leopard faux fur moto jacket: Daily Look, christian death metal tee: UNIF]

Don't forget to check out Daily Look! I just placed another order there. There's a parrot sweater in my future. Ah, yes, priorities.