March 26, 2014

Koa Wood Rings - ALTIN Place

I'm not a diamond girl. When people say, "DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND!!!" I'm the girl looking around the room being all, "Who, me? You must me mistaken. Please direct me to the ripped tee's and equally trashy accessories."

You won't see a lot of glitz or glam where I'm concerned. However, there's something so amazing about minimalistic jewelry. A lot like purses, I'm willing to shell out more time looking and more money in the long run if good quality investment pieces are the end game.

That's where these super slick koa wood rings come in. I'm pretty sure these babies would last through the apocalypse. They're androgynous, and yes, even my boyfriend begrudgingly agreed with me that they'd make badass wedding rings. (He was excited about the cool rings, but decidedly less excited about the prospect of marriage.)

I chose the ring with the widest amount of wooden inlay. I love the idea of mixing the industrial with the natural, and titanium and wood go together beautiful. I photographed it against my Zelda 25th anniversary book. Metal and wood? Seems like something good 'ol Link could appreciate.

The ring arrived in a velvet clamshell box inside of a badass little box with a metallic print of Hawaii on it. Talk about a slick presentation.




Here's to an extremely rad piece of artwork.

Check out the Wide Koa Wood Ring at Altin Place.